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About us

KNVP is a real estate and consulting company that focuses primarily on providing quality services. We offer our clients, both from the ranks of regular citizens and corporate customers, comprehensive service related to the purchase and sale of real estate; from marketing support to legal services on to securing finances and handling relevant administrative matters.

We put special emphasis on the security of all transactions.  Therefore, we regularly handle the escrow for purchases prices through attorney escrow services.

We also offer our clients complementary services that boost the likelihood of the successful sale of their real estate; whether it involves so-called Home Staging (preparation of real estate for sale), taking photos of  houses or apartments using a professional photographer, or in the case of more extensive projects, we can provide public relations (PR) and public affairs (PA) services.

Through our partners we offer interested parties the option of securing financial products such as loans, credit cards, home savings accounts, investment services, insurance, etc.

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For Developers

You build and we will take care of everything else.

We offer our clients from the real estate development sector full service as concerns marketing, communications and sales activities for their projects.

We can help you sort out

  • marketing and communications plans
  • media outputs in print and electronic/broadcast media
  • PR articles, press monitoring
  • ad campaigns (print, internet, outdoor)
  • social media
  • meetings with representatives of bodies in the public administration and regional/local governments
  • legal services including attorney escrow services
  • and other activities.

When providing these services we work with the reputable Czech PR/PA agency, Southpaw Productions.

We approach each project individually and adapt our plans for all activities to our clients’ specific situations, needs and requirements.

We agree budgets with our clients on a per case basis prior to the launch of each project.

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